# Demo

Simulate a complete buy-crypto process with Sandbox mode.

This example illustrates a case when a user wants to buy crypto with one of the local payment methods offered in Singapore (Paynow).

# 1) Checkout Page

After you have set up the widget, you should be able to see widget options that are similar to that of the widget page's demo here.

Widget IMG

# 2) Create a Sandbox Transaction

  1. Sandbox KYC: Verify phone number and upload random documents in its relevant formats.
  2. Wallet: *ensure that it is the selected cryptocurrency's testnet wallet
  3. After keying in the relevant details, you should be able to view payment instructions similar to the below.
Instructions IMG

# 3) Complete Transaction

  1. Head to your Partner Dashboard
  2. You should be able to see the charge that you have just generated, with a 'Pending' status indicated.
  3. Click on the charge generated. You should be able to see an option 'Mark as paid' similar to the below image.
  4. Click 'Mark as paid'.
  5. The charge's status should now be 'Completed'.
  6. Testnet coins will be deposited into the wallet address indicated.
Mark Paid IMG Completed IMG