# Getting Started

Simulate Buy and Sell transactions with Sandbox mode.

# Credentials

  1. Login to your partner dashboard here
  2. At the top of your dashboard, toggle the environment button to ‘Sandbox’
  3. At the top right of your dashboard, click 'Settings'
  4. Click 'Generate API Key'. This is your Sandbox API key. It cannot be used for Production (actual transactions).

# Test with Checkout Page

  1. If you would like to display the widget on a separate page and avoid implementing javascript logic on your end, you can redirect a user to the checkout page (URL).
  2. Example: https://checkout.sandbox.xanpool.com/?apiKey=sandbox_AJJ1231kjj11
  3. Replace the apiKey parameter with the Sandbox API Key that you have generated from your dashboard (earlier section above).
  4. Widget parameters are introduced here.

# Test with Widget

  1. Here is the guide to integrate the widget into your page.
  2. For Sandbox integration, kindly use https://cdn.widget.sandbox.xanpool.com/xanpool-sdk-v1.js
  3. Widget options are introduced here.
  4. Widget Webview
    • Base URL: https://widget.xanpool.com/
    • Sandbox URL: https://widget.sandbox.xanpool.com/

# Test with API

  1. Base URL: https://xanpool.com
  2. Sandbox URL: https://sandbox.xanpool.com

# Transactions Updates

Receive all transactions related updates on your server without constantly triggering REST API.

  1. Set up your webhook in the partner's dashboard here.
  2. An example of a transaction’s event notification can be found here.
  3. Understand more about the transaction object’s parameters here.