# Checkout page

If you would like to display the widget on a separate page and avoid implementing javascript logic on your side, you can redirect a user to checkout page.

This url accepts the following parameters.

Parameter Required Description
apiKey Required A unique key identifying a partner
wallet Optional Pre filled wallet for buying transactions, if you pass this parameter you also need to pass cryptoCurrency
cryptoCurrency Optional One of the supported cryptocurrencies
currency Optional One of the supported currencies
method Optional One of the supported methods , transactionType must be also provided
chain Optional This parameter is required for currencies which are supported by multiple chains, either zilliqa, ethereum, tron or binance_smart_chain
fiat Optional Pre-filled amount of local currency, cannot be used together with crypto
crypto Optional Pre-filled amount of cryptocurrency, cannot be used together with fiat
autoSelling Optional Skips instructions for selling transactions, in this case you should transfer cryptoCurrency upon "transaction-created" event
transactionType Optional Either "buy" or "sell", It will pre-select widget mode and hide the tabs
partnerData Optional A string that could help a partner to track/identify a transaction
redirectUrl Optional The page where you want to redirect the user
isWebView Optional Set this to true if you would like to inject the widget into a WebView on mobile device
lang Optional Set language of the widget, either en, zh, th, or vi
destinationTag Optional Required for crypto with destination tag

Example: https://checkout.sandbox.xanpool.com/?apiKey=sandbox_AJJ1231kjj11&redirectUrl=https://google.com&partnerData=user111