Our Mission

To enable seamless fiat to crypto infrastructure. By enabling this, we create financial access for those out of the reach of traditional financial infrastructure.

About Xanpool

A unique omni-channel solution

We provide a unique omni-channel solution to make the the onboarding and offboarding infrastructure in crypto much more user friendly, and resilient against single channel dependency, such as over-reliance on banking partners.

We allow institutions and retail to on and off board regardless of their infrastructural limitations.

We do this by integrating with cryptocurrency and fiat liquidity providers that wish to join the XanPool Network. These providers include but are not limited to, individual peers, physical merchants, money operators, remittance networks, cash facilities, exchanges, OTC desks, and banking partners that choose to work with XanPool.

Who we are
Jeffery Liu

Systems Engineer and Project Manager by training. Experience in management of multinationals and startups. HODLer since 2013.

Tema Ibragimov

Software engineer by training Over 10+ years experience architecting and building complex code bases. HODLer since 2015

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