Looking to add your cryptocurrency to the XanPool network?

Get connected to over 600 thousand users across the Asia Pacific, increase the circulation and market presence of your coin project by providing liquidity.

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Seamless on and offboarding
XanPool's network is made of thousands of individuals and businesses, named Liquidity Peers.
These Liquidity Peers provide their fiat currency and cryptocurrency liquidity to our network, allowing everyone in their local jurisdiction to on an offramp into and out of the cryptocurrency world seamlessly.
Gain access to more jurisdictions
Expand your coin presence and gain access into various jurisdiction of the unique Asia Pacific landscape where our Liquidity Peers operate.
Pair your cryptocurrency to our fiat network easily.
No fees
Tap into the Asia Pacific region without any fees. With XanPool you do not have to pay any fees like on a cryptocurrency exchange because it is a liquidity network.
Partner with us today to provide the coin liquidity of your project and increase the adoption rate of cryptocurrency.
Payment methods we support
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
Get More users and expand your reach into new markets with the XanPool network.
Grow your new cryptocurrency presence today.
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