Market making,
with Xanpool
Help make crypto onboarding and offboarding, easier and more resilient.
Why Xanpool?
Retain custody of your own assets.
Unlike traditional cryptocurrency markets, the custody of the market makers' assets reside with the market makers themselves (i.e. potentially you!).
Instant access to your funds that you are market making with.
No delays when withdrawing funds.
Earn Money to Market Make
Most market makers have to pay a market maker fee on cryptocurrency trading platforms, while also having to keep liquidity on other marketplaces to profit from arbitrage.

This is not the case for market making on XanPool.  XanPool market makers actually earn the fees directly paid by the market takers (our customers).
Gain Transparency, Lower Your Risk
Market Makers in cryptocurrency are traditionally taking on lots of risk in often opaque environments. The risk may include price risk on the cryptocurrency price, FX risk, and custody risk.

By market making on XanPool, there is no custody risk and full transparency of where your assets reside.
Payment methods we support
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
What potential market makers need
Bitcoin & Tethers
A specific cryptocurrency you are willing to market make for: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Tethers USD (USDT)
An open mind
An open mind, and desire with a company that wants to make crypto onboarding and offboarding super easier, faster, and more resilient.
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Help make crypto onboarding and offboarding, easier and more resilient.
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